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WHY smartQED ?

Problems and incidents in business-critical systems can be complex & cross-functional, requiring distributed teams operating under high pressure to investigate the issues.   

smartQED provides an ML-driven visual workspace with that combines 
Investigation Maps  with Machine Learning from prior solved cases and community intelligence to recommend potential causes & actionable solutions.   It has been designed based on our own deep experience in Enterprise IT and incident resolution. Let the power of smartQED's unique and innovative (patent-pending) technology augment your team's intelligence and enable you to meet customer SLA agreements smoothly.


Investigation Map™ is a key innovation in smartQED.  Such a map can be used to visually depict a hierarchy of potential causes for a problem in the form of a Cause Tree or Fishbone / Ishikawa diagram.  Additionally, it provides the capability for users to associate various artifacts such as symptoms (evidence), fault status, notes, actions etc to a specific cause, for effective  in-context collaboration.   The maps are concurrently updatable by many users with automatic merging and real-time notification of updates, helping to put everyone on the same page quickly. 

Benefits of adopting this visual approach are literally transformative!  Investigation strategies are clear to all, and may be pre-defined in templates.  The in-context information reduces confusion and greatly enhances shared understanding, leading to much faster resolution of incidents.

Investigations Maps are also ML-powered - our Recommendation Engine analyzes and interprets historical data from prior solved problems to make accurate recommendations for new problems. 

Methodical Cause Analysis

Our collaborative Investigation Maps help operations teams explore and identify potential causes of problems systematically & quickly.  Managers and operators are able to easily track tasks & status for a problem, and all be on the same page

Efficient Collaborative Investigations

Using smartQED Investigation Maps, teams can jointly analyze problems with all data related to an investigation in a 360° view and updatable in context.  Eliminate long, linear textual updates in emails & chats that are difficult to read & understand under high pressure. 

Automated Real-time Reporting

Our automated real-time reporting provides customers and managers with clear visibility into problem investigation & resolution progress. After resolution, our reports & audit trails aid in post mortem analysis, eliminating the need to write knowledge articles & tedious manual reports.

ML-Powered Recommendation Engine 

Our powerful Recommendation Engine suggests likely causes & solutions based on prior solved problems and community knowledge.  smartQED can automatically analyze the historical data in investigation maps of prior incidents to generate recommendations for new problems.  These suggestions are computed based on the current symptoms and helps to focus the investigations, reducing MTTR.


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