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Empower your operations team to make your

complex problem investigations simple.


In today's world, incidents in business-critical systems can be complex & cross-functional, involving distributed teams operating under high pressure.

smartQED provides an AI-driven workspace that combines visual, in-context collaboration with Machine Learning from prior cases and community intelligence to recommend possible root causes & actionable solutions.  Let the power of smartQED's patent-pending technology augment your team's intelligence and enable you to meet customer SLA agreements smoothly.

Methodical Cause Analysis

Our collaborative workspace provides smart visual tools with self-learning power to help operations teams explore and identify potential causes of problems systematically & quickly. Managers and operators are able to easily track tasks & status for a problem, and all be on the same page

Efficient Collaborative Investigations

Using smartQED workspaces, teams can jointly analyze problems with all data related to an investigation in a 360° view and actionable
in context
.  Eliminate long, linear textual communications in emails & chats that are difficult to read and understand under high pressure . 

Automated Real-time Reporting

Our automated real-time reporting provides customers and managers with clear visibility into problem investigation & resolution progress. After resolution, our reports & audit trails aid in post mortem analysis, eliminating the need to write knowledge articles and tedious manual reports.

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine 

Our powerful Recommendation Engine suggests effective solutions & root causes based on community intelligence and prior solved problems.  smartQED captures users' actions and self-learns to help operations teams resolve new problems faster.