Customizations & Integrations

Our team of senior engineers will work with your team anywhere in the world – or if needed, with your end-users – to understand their requirements and  provide a customized solution that will ease the adoption of our solution.

Our customization services include configuration of your account to best meet your needs.  It also includes any integrations that you may require with your other tools in the organization.  Our team will work with you to define a strategy for integration using our native REST APIs and/or 3rd party integration solutions.

ML Recommendations from Custom Data Sources

Our ML engineers can work with your team to ingest problem solving data from custom sources such as ticketing systems and trouble-shooting guides and make it available to our Recommendation Engine for the purpose of generating automated recommendations for new problems based on symptoms.  Note that the accuracy of generated recommendations depends on the quality of data in your custom data sources, hence we recommend an initial feasibility study to determine the scope and effectiveness of your custom data sources for automated recommendations.

Training & Best Practices Consulting

Initial web-based training on our product and on-boarding support for users is included in our software cost.  For additional training and best practices in IT incident resolution we provide consultants with hands-on experience in ITIL and IT incident / crisis management for large enterprises.

Hourly rate for our professional services depends on the scope, length & complexity of the project.

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