UPDATE on COVID-19 :  Remote collaboration has never been more important than now, when millions of us are working from home during the global coronavirus crisis.   We at smartQED want to do our bit - we are offering no-cost 1 month SaaS pilots with free consulting - we will work with you directly to understand your use cases,
help set up and configure your accounts, and explain how your requirements best map into our product features. Our goal is to help as many people as we can with our collaboration app for efficient problem solving by distributed teams & hopefully make a difference during these troubled times.

Let's stay safe and win together!

We create technology that
helps resolve your complex problems faster 

smartQED empowers your Operations Teams (IT, DevOps & Support) to move

from Madness to Method and from Confusion to Clarity


Patent Pending


smartQED OpsSpace is a visual workspace that is specialized for efficient collaborative investigations. 

Investigation Map™, our patent-pending innovation, can represent a hierarchy of potential causes
with associated fault status, evidence (symptoms), notes, actions and more.

It can be concurrently updated by many users and put everyone on the same page quickly.

smartQED OpsInsights analyzes prior solved cases using ML to recommend
likely causes & actionable solutions for new problems, based on problem symptoms.   

Try smartQED today and see for yourself how it can help streamline & accelerate your investigations.




“smartQED is a brilliant concept.

It solves the pain points of my IT Ops Team”

Executive of Top 50 Global Cloud MSP


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