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Tired of reading long Incident Tickets? smartQED has the ideal solution!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

IT Incidents are often high pressure scenarios where multiple domain experts get together and solve complex issues such as website outages, slow web pages, order entry errors and various other syndromes affecting an IT business application. 

Each incident is typically tracked in an Incident Ticket where the domain experts and other IT Operations & Support personnel note down their observations, explanations, conclusions and decisions for resolving the incident. The more complex the problem, the greater the need for more experts to be involved, and the longer and more convoluted an Incident Ticket gets. Who said what, and who did what & why becomes unclear and very hard to decipher from reading the linear text in these tickets, chats and email update notifications.

If you are tired of reading lengthy incident tickets and of trying to build up a picture of the investigation status and activities in your mind, then read on! Yes, a great solution exists!

Based on our own real-life experience, we at smartQED have created an intelligent visual workspace that enables teams to collaborate effectively in real time during problem analysis, while learning from incident data. It supports highly concurrent updates with notifications, and captures 'in context' structured data that is easy to understand, saving the entire team precious time otherwise wasted in reading complex incident tickets. All data entered in our visual workspace can be written out to the associated tickets so that it is available there in a linear time-based flow as well for reporting purposes.

We have also added the power of Machine Learning and NLP to analyze your incident data, automatically derive insights, and generate actionable recommendations to help you solve new problems faster and easier. There is no need to manually search & filter results, our AI/ML-based Recommendation Engine does that work for you. The QED Recommendation Engine is powerful from Day 1, as it can leverage solved problems from your prior incident tickets as well as from web forums. Resolving IT Incidents has never been smoother!

Empower your Ops / DevOps teams with smartQED to resolve your incidents faster and increase your customer satisfaction and cost efficiency. To request a demo, contact us at [email protected] and see for yourself how smartQED can streamline and accelerate your Incident Resolution process! 

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